Hickory, NC Awnings

Hickory, NC AwningIf you have a patio or deck and are interested in transforming that area into a sheltered outdoor living space, than you are in the right place.  If you live in Hickory, NC or the surrounding areas, such as Taylorsville, Newton, Conover, Viewmont, St Stevens, or Bethlehem you have found the #1 aluminum awning supplier.  The light weight aluminum awnings attach directly to your existing house or livign structure, and are also supported by vertical aluminum support beams.  There are countless advantages to purchasing an aluminum awning opposed to a traditional canvas awning. The solid metal construction and low maintenance are probably the most notable.

Every metal awning installed in Hickory, NC features a built in  drainage system to properly dispose of precipitation.  This is a feature simply not available on alternative awnings.   there is also no need for aggravating winch cranking to retract your awnings.  In Hickory, NC an aluminum awnings stays erect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  These aluminum awnings are also aesthetically appealing when installed on buildings constructed of brick, vinyl siding, concrete. or other common materials.

Warranty For Awnings in Hickory, NC

The metal awnings installed in Hickory, NC even come with a manufacturers warranty.  This protects you from being responsible for any possible repairs caused by defective materials or compromised performance in the elements.  The warranty exists because these aluminum awnings are very tough and have a reputation for lasting a long time without need any attention at all.  It is also important to have an experienced professional design and install your new aluminum awning.  if you are serious about improving you outdoor lifestyle with an aluminum awning, contact Aluminum Awnings & Underdecking of the Carolinas in Hickory, NC.

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